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Red-Hot Chili Pepper Magic Reiki, Teachers digital pdf: Be fiery hot, irresistible, sultry, sexy and spicy! Invigorate Career, Finances & More


28 December 2018

Founder Zabrina

Levels 1 - Teachders system allows Self Use and Sharing Energy With AND Attuning Others

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Red-Hot Chili Pepper Magic Reiki combines magic and reiki. It was channeled to connect you to the fiery essence of the red hot chili pepper. Chili Pepper is connected to Mars, the Root Chakra and the element of fire.

Red-Hot Chili Pepper Magic Reiki Benefits Might Include:

• Be Fiery, Hot, Irresistible, Sultry, Sexy and Spicy

• Aura Infusion For Power and Sex Appeal

• Invigorate Career, Finances, Motivation

• Infuse A Situation, Environment or Self Against Evil Intentions

• Ignite The Interest of Another

• Spice Up Love Life

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