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Mystical Agni Tummo Force 1-4, digital pdf by Ananta Lucian: A Formidable Inner Fire, Incinerate Stagnant Energy, Clean Etheric Blueprint and MORE!


17 December 2018

Founder Master Ananta Lucian

Levels 4 - 1 pdf (72 hours between l and 2, 72 hours between 2 and 3 and 7 days between 3 and 4)


A powerful tummo fire heat energy, Master Lucian writes his Mystical Agni Tummo Force was channeled to combine the Fire Force of God Agni with Mystical Inner Fire Tummo. As it accrues it becomes a formidable inner fire which can incinerate stagnant energy which has developed into blockages which limit both the inner and outer spiritual transformation.

Master Ananta continues that the Mystical Agni Tummo Force helps to remove spiritual impurities, cleanses the etheric blueprint, provides the practitioner more focus, body awareness, breath awareness, and with use releases unobstructed flow of qi and expansion of your mystical path journey.


Included is the original digital pdf emanual containing all 4 levels sent electronically by link and the 4 distant attunements via orb of life method



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