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The Animal Chakra Program, Featuring the Feline & Canine Chakra Synergy, Practitioner's digital 29 pagel pdf, from Cosmic Goddess Empowerments


30 November 2018

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 1 - Practitioner, allowing you to share energies with your animal companion and those of your loved ones. The Practioner system is not available for resale by others.   There will be a master teacher system available in January should you desire to attune others to this system.

Prerequiste: None, however, Animal Companion Healing Flow is another excellent modality to learn all aspects of animal healing


The founder of the 7 Chakra Flush Attunement Series and numerous other Chakra Energy Systems, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments presents a new Feline and Canine Chakra Program. This program, years in the making is called the Feline and Canine Chakra Synergy. It is designed to complement and work along with traditional veterinary care.

"The Feline and Canine Chakra Synergy assists to clear and balance your animal companions energetic and physical body by freeing stagnant and stuck energy by gently removing energetic contaminants and energy blocks int he chakra system".

"In the Feline & Canine Chakra Synergy© system, you will learn about your animal companion’s chakra system including the main chakras as well as secondary chakras and you will find how a balanced chakra system restores health and vitality to your animal companion".

The 8 Major Animal Chakras Included Are:

• Root Chakra

• Sacral / Belly Chakra

• Solar Plexus Chakra

• Heart Chakra

• Throat Chakra

• Brow Chakra

• Crown Chakra

• Nape Chakra

The 4 Secondary Animal Chakras Included:

• Paw Chakras

• Tail Chakra

• Scent Chakra

• Ear Chakras

Learn in-person and distance chakra treatment as well as chakra scanning for your animal companion and those of your loved ones.

Included for registered student members is the digital pdf Practitioner e-manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method. Our student members may select a bogo of equal or lesser value, all others please request non-bogo invoice.. 

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