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Mother Earth Reiki - Green Lady Essence, Teachers digital pdf: Strengthen your connection to animals, ancestors, shamanic path, intuition


7 November 2018

Founder Zabrina 

Levels 1 - Practitioner, the Practitioner System allows for self-use and sharing energies with others. To attune others please purchase Teacher system coming soon.

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I like how she writes about passageways and navigation. A great feeling system, I can feel the energy strongly.


Mother Earth Reiki - Green Lady Essence was inspired by Spirit and was channeled to connect you with the divine feminine power and essence along with the energy of Reiki.

Mother Earth Reiki – Green Lady Essence strengthens your connection to all of nature, the Earth, animal companions both domestic and in the wild. Mother Earth Reiki - Green Lady Essence also can strengthen your connection to the ancestors, the shamanic path, and she bequeaths us with courage, the ability to make decisions, remove the crossroads, to follow your own life path. Mother Earth Reiki – Green Lady Essence helps you to unearth the path which is right for you.The Green Lady gives you vision to see through the shadows


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