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Business Organization & Time Management Reiki, digital e-manual pdf: ALSO use to organize home, activities, goals * time for productivity


23 October 2018

Founder Daelyn Wolf


Daelyn Wolf writes her system was channeled to help with business organization and time management. Although it is channeled with the main focus on business success, Daelyn says it is also very helpful to anyone who wants to organize their home, their activities, their goals, and their time for maximum productivity and so that they too can accomplish their goals. Daelyn writes the energies work to expand time so that you can get things done in less real time, and it also helps toward keeping your business or personal goals organized and orderly so that you can follow the steps easily and get maximum benefit from your work and time.

Daelyn closes by saying these energies are very powerful and help you to stay on track and take steps that are manageable so you can be successful at whatever you choose to do in business and personal ventures.

Included is the original digital pdf e-manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method




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