Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program 1-5, digital pdfs: Advanced Magickal system, Master Yourself - Crystals, Angels, Animals, Trees, Plants

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July 2015

There are 5 levels and 5 degrees, this listing is for all degrees

Founder Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)

Symbols: Yes


This is an advanced magickal system. It compliments and goes beyond the original Magickal Lightworker system which is a recommended prereqisite.


The Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree Program energies are very powerful and Daelyn writes that they will help you to be successful, prosperous, and happy. When you combine all of the energies in this system, Daelyn says that you learn that miracles can happen, and no matter who you are—you can change your life, and you can gain back your confidence and your personal power to be, have, and do what you love and what you choose.

• Raise Energies

• Overcome Challenges

• Manifest Desires

• Advance Your Knowledge

The energies of this Sacred Space area requires a clear space area for you to work where there is no negativity or interference, especially energetically.


The basics of Magickal Lightwork involve working with energy to manifest your goals and desires. There are steps involved any time you work with energy. It is important to follow all of the steps to get the best results. The tools you use in Magickal Lightwork are anything that helps you to focus your energies and correspondence is basically timing and using compatible energies. Whenever you are using the phases of the moon, for healing or magick, you will use the energies of the moon with perfect timing for what you are doing.


The 5 Basic Steps

  1. Claiming your Desire
  2. Organize and Plan
  3. Raise Energy
  4. Action
  5. Resting

The Tools

  1. Wands
  2. Athame
  3. Candles
  4. Crystals
  5. Dolls
  6. Herbs
  7. Talismans & Amulets


The Correspondences

Creating Sacred Space


Degree 2, covers herbs, crystals and plants.


The utilization of herbs in magick is universal. Herbs benefit in speedy recoveries, heal wounds and can ease pain. Herbs empower and protect.


  1. White Sage
  2. Sunflower
  3. Rose
  4. Thyme
  5. Violets
  6. Lavender
  7. Basil
  8. Alfalfa
  9. Garlic

There is a symbol to energetically connect you to the energies of all herbs.


Crystals and stones have their own unique essence and personality, they

vibrate with their own unique frequencies which you could feel when you hold them. Use of crystals and stones that can help with healing, protection and lend energetic support to ritual and magickal workings. Crystals and stones are natural lightworkers and healers. Their magick is very powerful.


  1. Jasper
  2. Hematite
  3. Garnet
  4. Lapis Lazuli
  5. Amethyst
  6. Rose Quartz
  7. Citrine

You will be attuned to a symbol to use in energetically connecting with Crystals and Stones and their realms.


Plants are living beings with feelings and emotions. They like to be talked to and enjoy music. Give the plant realm appreciation and they will reward you with offerings of leaves, roots, flowers, fruit, vegetables, seeds, stems, and more. Plants are living Beings and scientists are now discovering that they do feel emotions. Plants feel fear when you rip one next to them out of the ground. They feel good and feel joy when you are taking care of them and feeding them and watering them, etc. They like to be talked to. They like music.

If you decide you want to communicate with the plant realm, you only need to clear your mind. They communicate telepathically. Just clear your mind, stand near them, and open your energies. Allow them to speak with you. If you have a question, think of it or speak it if you want to say it. And then be quiet and allow them to speak to you. They often communicate telepathically with visions, or you may hear them speak within your mind. But they also can communicate with you by sending you a feeling, an intuitive suggestion or gut feeling. Pay attention, to these things. You can learn so much from them. Some trees are so old and can give you impressions of what your yard or the area looked like when they were young. And always show compassion to trees when your neighbor is cutting one down. Trees feel sorrow for their friends. We had some very old pear trees, the kind that grow very tall, and they had been there for over a hundred years. Out next door neighbor decided to cut down a very old tree in their back yard—and if you are sensitive to energies of living things—you may feel the pain and sadness of this. They don’t like to be topped out, but they do understand why and even though it is stressful for them, they are very forgiving. But when you just cut down a living tree—it is a feeling of great sorrow and goodbyes and even mother earth cries.


Degree 3 covers Angels, Deities, and Animals

In Magickal Lightwork, working with angels, deities, and animals adds power to your healing and magick. These Beings are always ready to help and assist you on your path. They offer guidance, energies, protection, and healing to any Magickal Lightwork spell, ritual, or healing. Calling on them enhances your personal power and raises your energies, as well as strengthening your connection to source energy.


Angels are all around us. They are everywhere. At times you may feel their presence. They wait for you to ask for their help and assistance. They are always ready to respond, but the one main rule they must follow is to not interfere in your life, unless you ask. There are times when they will come to the rescue should you be in danger without you directly asking. This happens so fast you may not even know that your guardian angel has shielded you from harm.

Angels are healers of people, plants, animals and Mother Earth. They are magickal and can assist you in opening doors and aligning connections that will help you on your path. they are beauty, joy and harmony.

The Angels:

  1. Archangel Michael
  2. Archangel Raphael
  3. Archangel Gabriel
  4. Archangel Uriel
  5. Archangel Chamuel
  6. Angels of Money
  7. Angels of Healing
  8. Angels of Success and Good Fortune
  9. Angels of Love
  10. Angels of Communication
  11. Angels of Compassion

You will be attuned to a symbol to connect to angelic realms on demand.


There are many Deities in all religions and cultures. All are different aspects of pure source energy. All are powerful and real. I personally work with Goddess energies most of all. Whenever you connect with the energies of any Deity, you are drawing on a specific type of source energy that is intelligent and has a unique personality aspect. Sometimes we may need to work with a source energy that fits into our area of magick and lightwork at the time. For instance, the

The Deities Included:

  1. Goddess Brighid
  2. Goddess Kali
  3. Goddess Bast
  4. Goddess Artemis
  5. Goddess Lakshmi
  6. Goddess Hecate
  7. The Green Man

You will be attuned to a symbol to connect to the Deities and especially one you would like to work with and call upon.


Animals are angels on this earth. They are healers and fill our lives with love, joy, beauty, comfort and more. I personally do not know how I would get through the day sometimes without my dog, Kara beside me. Just patting her on the head or giving her a hug makes me feel so much better. I love to see birds fly, and foxes hunting grasshoppers on the edge of the forest. Animals in the wild make my heart sing with their beauty and wisdom of life. Domestic animals are wonderful. They give themselves over to assist us in many ways. Without them, people may not have survived as long as we have. Each animal is unique. Each animal species offers us the wisdom of their existence.

Working with Animal Medicine brings enhances your personal power. Often animals that are around you will connect with you as a familiar and lead energies to any magickal lightwork you do. Spirit guide animals pull in energies of a specific species for wisdom and guidance.

Below are some of the Animal Medicine Healing associated with specific animals.

  1. Dog: loyalty, unconditional love
  2. Wolf: family love and cooperation, teaching and learning, protection
  3. Raven: magick, intelligence, self-reliance
  4. Bear: strength, courage, endurance, empowerment
  5. Tiger: determination, power, success
  6. Sea gull: opportunity, fun, joy, laugher
  7. Hawk: nobility, higher ideals, clear vision
  8. Cat: psychic enhancement, protection, efficiency, playfulness
  9. Horse: power, endurance, freedom, safe travel
  10. Pig: abundance, strength, powerfulness, pushing through obstacles
  11. Rooster: prosperity, protection, beauty within strength, fertility
  12. Swan: grace, beauty, peace within

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you call on and use the energies and medicine empowerments of any animals.


Degree 4 covers: Mastering body, mind, and spirit, bringing it all together, expanded universal laws.

There are many Universal Laws, however the one law that rules all others is The Law of Vibration. The Law of Vibration is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. When you can get into the vibration of what you want to achieve, have, be, or do, it must come to you. This is because you can only attract what your energy is in attune with, what your energy is in harmonic vibration with. You repel anything that is not in a similar vibration. Like a magnet you attract people and things that are in a similar vibration energetically. And like a magnet you repel whatever is not in alignment with you energetically. This means that if you want something, but you are not in a like vibration to it, you cannot receive it. When you want something but you constantly think about the lack of it, you will attract more lack and energetically push away the thing you want. You must find a way to feel good, in order to attract good things.

You will be attuned to a symbol which is the universal symbol for Alchemy with pure white light of source energy shining in its center.


Degree 5 covers the expansion of energies it goes beyond levels 1-4.

The 5th Degree level 5 works with pure higher realm energies. It connects you to the higher vortex energies so that you can spirit journey into the holding area of your desires, so that you can connect with what you want to manifest into physical form easily. Many people are not aware of what wonderful things they have already created in the etheric world that is just waiting for them to energetically vibrate harmonically in order to manifest. The energies of Magicakal Lightwork Advanced Degree 5th Degree allows you to connect quickly and easily and to begin vibrating and sending out your energies in harmony with what you desire. This speeds manifestation and prevent blocks from interfering with Being, Having, and Doing what you want. This is a very powerful boost of energy to the first 4 levels of Magickal Lightwork Advanced Degree.

You will be attuned to a vortex symbol which represents the holding place of all the things you have created in the ethers that are there waiting for you. When you can vibrate energetically in harmony with your desires they will manifest.

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The original English digital pdf manuals for advanced degrees 1 to 5 with attunement information, ways to work with symbols and more

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