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Gods Holy Manipulation Eradication Angels, 1-3, Master digital e-manual pdf by Manuela Marques: Stop being energetically manipulated


20 August 2018

Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 3 - There is a 7 day wait between levels

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This is an amazing energy system and the e-manual provides many ways to work with its energies. With the master system, you can work on behalf of others with their permission. With the personal system offered in this listing, it is for self-use only.


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients may find this energy useful to help provide assistance to eradicate manipulations and also provide protection from the manipulation attempts by manipulators, causing known or unknown havoc in the life or the spiritual realms. CGE

"In the mundane, the "Law of Manipulation" is the calculating, controlling or scheming against another by clever, deceitful or deceptive means, especially if done for the advantage of the manipulator".


One could be manipulated in the mundane with manipulators manipulating to gain the finances in a scheme, or hacking, or the property, or the spouse.


In the energetic realms, the "Law of Manipulation" includes the magic, psychic reading, or the reaching out to another without the expressed consent.


Finally, one can be manipulated spiritually, preventing you from securing a connection to God and the Angels, or not feeling energy or being able to send reiki.


Manuela writes that God’s Holy Manipulation Eradication Angels Activation may also help to assist in your efforts to detect manipulations and manipulators.


Included is the digital self-use digital e-manual sent electronically by link and 2 distant orb of life attunements delivered 7 days apart

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