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Magnetic Money Booster Infusion Reiki 2018, digital e-manual pdf by Rosemary Noel, New expanded manual with Focused Laser Magnetic Money Intention


19 August 2018

Founder: Rosemary Noel


Magnetic Money Booster Infusion Reiki 2018 is an upgrade of energy and extended manual to the original system channeled by Rosemary Noel in 2010, with new ways to work with energy including how to attune others!  iT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BE ATTUNED TO THE ORIGINAL FIRST to receive this system.

Magnetic Money Booster Infusion Reiki 2018 e-manual Includes:

  • About Magnet Money Booster Infusion Reiki
  • Attunement
  • How to Activate for Self
  • How to Activate for Others
  • Attuning Others
  • Focused Money Laser Ray Treatment with the Interdimensional Abundance Mastery Team.

This energy system works by increasing the influx of income for all lightworkers who are boldly and fearlessly pursuing the path intended for them this lifetime.

Specifically this system is for magnification of abundance arriving to you via your web store, business, home business, charity or group. In the manual you will learn to send to self,  family members and clients. 

This system does not focus on money manifestation alone because focusing on manifesting money alone, could most possibly limit the abundance channels that the universe releases; so try not to think of dollars, euros, yen, etc. as the only means of creating wealth and abundance because money flows in other areas.

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