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Empaths Physical Symptoms Projection Remover, Personal Use, digital e-manual: An Eternal Sacred Source based Energy for Physical Symptom Empatrh


23 July 2018

Founder Manula Marques

Levels 1 - for your personal use


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments loves that Manuela Marques has expanded upon her God's Holy Sensitive and Empath Angels to an Eternal Sacred Source based physical symptoms empath energy system.  It is an energy system for those who are healers and those who are sending prayers to loved ones in their time of need!!! Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has used this energy for animal companions, wildlife, 

Manuela writes:

Empaths Physical Symptoms Projection Remover was bestowed by God and the Angels. It was channeled for Physical Empath Healers, which are those empaths who are highly sensitive and take on the physical symptoms of the others around you.

Empaths Physical Symptoms Projection Remover can be of the great benefit for those with clients or the loved ones who are not able to express the physical symptoms they are experiencing to others. This, in part, is because this person is silently suffering and do not have the voice to communicate the pain and suffering, such as children, those in coma, end stages of life, or hospice care, animals, wildlife etc.

This is an AMAZING and effective energy system and because it it is Eternal Sacred Source based energy Cosmic Goddess Empowerments trusts and recommends it.

Included with purchase:

The original digital PDF e-manual sent electronically by link and orb of life distant attunement

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