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Animal Companion Healing Flow Reiki Master, digital e-manual pdf: Animal Healing, Body Scanning, Palm Energy Transference and more!


20 July 2018

Founder Rosemary Noel

Levels 2 (10 day wait between levels)

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Animal Companion Healing Flow energies work by ministering source energy to ease pain, tension and any fear in your animal companion or the animal companions of others. It ministers and assists energetically for emotional healing, pain release and assists in the healing of illness or disease and is safe to administer.

Animal Companion Healing Flow increases your capacity to sense blockages in your animal companion and increases your ability to discern your animal companion’s thoughts and needs.

Animal Companion Healing Flow functions include in person touch and no touch energy sessions, body scanning, energy transference and can be used post-surgery and is highly encouraged for those who do animal shelter or feral work.

Included iwth purchase is the original digital e-manual sent electronically by link and distant attunements by orb of life method delivered 10 days apart.

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