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Eye of Vajra, 1 digital e-manual pdf by Hari Winarso: Open Third Eye, Stimulate Intuition, Revitalize the Mind, Increase Intelligence


6 June 2018

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

Level Of Difficulty:  Note, not for the novice

Symbol No

Mantra No

Mudra Yes CGE

Meditation Yes - Used several times  CGE


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments dear friend Master Hari Winarso brought forth this modality Eye of Vajra Empowerment to help Cosmic Goddess Empowerments client to open the Third Eye, and activate, stimulate and strengthen your intuition. This empowermen, writes Master Hari will assist to revitalize your mind, increase the intelligence level, improve memory and concentration, and enhance your learning ability.  CGE

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that working with Eye of Vajra Empowerment created a deep connection between us and a higher consciousness, Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients may find a benefit in reaching a higher state of mind, as Master Hari writes, to overcome any challenges in this life and expand spiritual awareness and consciousness. 

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found it assisted to deepen and strengthen our time in Spirit and meditation.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients will find benefits because this can help in aiding you to retain inner purity and improve your spirituality to accelerate you to attain the higher level of consciousness and moving you forward towards spiritual enlightenment. Content protected cut and paste web tracked b

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