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Muscovite Mica 2024, digital pdf e-manual by Ole Gabrielsen: Crystalline Rejuvenate, heal & youthen the body, Earth cleansing, Environmental healing

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IIncludes the digital English translation e-manual pdf sent electronically by link, true lineage provided and attunement initiation delivered via orb of life method


Founder Ole Gabrielsen


Ole writes "the energy of Muscovite Mica has for centuries been used with the intention to rejuvenate, heal and youthen the body. Mica is found in large quantities around the globe, helping Earth to cleanse and heal the environment.Many people have discovered Mica’s ability to cleanse water and make water easier to absorb at the cellular level. It appears to “thin” water. Hydrating the cells of the body is an important step in maintaining a great health".




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