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Rose Vibrational Clearing, digital manual pdf,: Draw love, enhance your psychic ability enhancement, protection from helping spirits & MORE


Founder Elaine DeCarlo


The Rose Vibrational Clearing brings forth the countless benefits that can be obtained when you work with the ethereal properties of flowers.

Some of the benefits are:

To increase purifying vibrational energies!

To increase a feeling of peace & serenity! To enhance psychic abilities!

To enhance inner and outer beauty!

To bring about protection from helping Spirits, Angels & Saints!

To draw more love to you! To draw the fairies to you!



Master Hari writes in his manual that Timeless Beauty Essence assists you to attract a partner or a spouse that fits your needs and values, it may also help you to find your soulmate. Timeless Beauty Essence writes Master Hari may also help you to develop a young and youthful appearance and slow down the aging of your body. This essence, says Master Hari will increase your personal magnetism and self-confidence to have everyone love you, give you their respect and consideration.

You will receive 1 distant attunement via orb or life chi ball method & 1 digital pdf e-manual sent electronically by link




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