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The Sacred Soul Star Chakra Connection, Master pdf, a digital e-manual: RISE! Secure & advance your SPIRITUAL GIFTS, multidimensional farseeing!


IIncludes the digital English translation e-manual pdf sent electronically by link, true lineage provided and attunement initiation delivered via orb of life method

18 June 2018

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 2 - 14-day wait between levels


The language of the Soul Star Chakra is “I Rise” allowing a gateway to rise above the physical limitations of your physical experience.Use of the Sacred Earth Star Chakra Connection, your souls light body and its connection to your physicality rise, helping you to connect deeply with your soul’s personal blueprint for ascension, permitting deeper spiritual connections, and the securing and advancement of your spiritual gifts and talents, such as multidimensional farseeing and multidimensional communication with light beings in other galaxies.

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