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Womens Confidence Fearlessness and Success, a digital e-manual: Confidence drives fearlessness & fearlessness drives success. Annihilate self-doubt


Includes digital e-manual sent electronically by link

17 June 2018

Founder Zabrina

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Even as we edge closer to 2020, women are predominantly paid less than men, even with our carrying more of the higher educational degrees. Women make up half of the work force and yet we are absent from most of top leadership positions,  even in the progressive worldwide internet-based companies.

Confidence drives fearlessness and fearlessness drives success. Women’s Confidence, Fearlessness and Success energy helps with annihilating the self-doubt so you can claim your WORTHINESS. For you, as Gaia's child are boundless. You are not inferior, you are strong, you do not have to struggle in the workplace.

Women’s Confidence Fearlessness and Success energy was channeled to help women reach beyond the capability, beyond the competence and drive, to expand the intrinsic divine feminine confidence inspired by Gaia to claim your birthright of success.

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