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Present & Past Lifetime DNA Karma Clearing with Health-giving DNA Intention Master System, for you and others


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10 June 2018

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 2 with a 7-day wait between levels

Prerequisite:  Usui Mastership Recommended for sharing the activations and instructions for others.

Functions 3


The Present and Past Lifetime DNA Karma Clearing is a transformational energy which liberates those components of your DNA which have become stuck and unmovable.  The exalted light of the Divine Sacred Source will lend support to provide clearing of your dna blueprint and assists to clear karma manifested physically through your inherited bloodline both presently and in the past.

There are 3 Clearing Activations to this system and two attunements.

Clearing Activations:

  1. The Past Lifetime Karma DNA Clearing
  2. The Present Lifetime Karma DNA Clearing
  3. The Health-giving DNA Intention Reiki Clearing

  1. Present and Past Lifetme DNA Karma Clearing with Health-giving DNA Intention Reiki Clearing Attunement
  2. Master Teacher Attunement

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