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Sopdet Sirius 999 Intergalactic Portal Essence Activation, 1 Personal digital e-manual: Access to realities ,Intergalactic Communication & MORE


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8 June 2018

Founder: Rosemary Noel

Levels 1


Sopdet Sirius’s 999 essence energy assists to penetrate the dense energy here on Earth. This penetration can facilitate interplanetary connections, of which Starseeds and earthbound descended interplanetary light beings may find of great benefit to align you with the essence of Sirius to raise your vibrational pulsations.

Sopdet Sirius 999 Intergalactic Portal Essence Activation can influence and heightens your multidimensional knowing, interstellar psychic expansion, spiritual development and intergalactic communication and access to realities far beyond the known astral realms. And MUCH MORE!

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Artist Contribution:Sirius The Brightest Star In the Sky: Mellostorm (Creative Commons)


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