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Elemental Faery Star Magic, a digital e-manual: Connect to the magical realms, heal Mother Earth, advance spiritually in a magical way


Included is the digital e-manual sent electronically by link

25 May 2018

Levels 1

Symbol 1

Founder Zabrina


Zabrina writes in her manual that while the seven-pointed star has many associations, its usage in the Elemental Faery Star Magic system is specifically intended as a magical faery realms glyph (elemental symbol).  Zabrina says the energy of this system was channeled to help you step aside from your hectic lifestyle, if only for a brief interlude, turn off the social media musings and reconnect with Mother Nature and the faeries.The connection with the enchanted realms is still available. In fact, the spirits of the faeries are longing to connect with you, especially if you are a kind, the light filled human being, desiring to heal Mother Earth and advance spiritually in a magical way.

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