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Tathagata Wisdom Reiki Digital e-manual & attunement: Shakyamuni Buddha, Medicine Buddha and much more!


Founder: Bedabrata Chaudhury
Prerequisite: Reiki Master
  • This system empowers your mind and body. It combines the energies of the Great Tathagata and Reiki.

Tathāgata (Devanagari: तथागत in Pali and Sanskrit) is the name the Buddha of the scriptures uses when referring to himself. The term means, paradoxically, both one who has thus gone (tathā-gata) and one who has thus come (tathā-āgata). Hence, the Tathagata is beyond all coming and going – beyond all transitory phenomena. He is one who has found the truth.

The Buddha is reported on numerous occasions in the Pali Canon as referring to himself as the Tathagata instead of using the pronouns me, I or myself. This serves to emphasize by implication that the teaching is uttered by one who has transcended the human condition, one beyond the otherwise endless cycle of rebirth, beyond all death and dying, i.e. beyond suffering.


1.Shakyamuni Buddha
2. Reiki
3. Tathagata Wisdom Reiki
4. Shakyamuni Buddha Mantra
5. Medicine Buddha Mantra
6. The Symbols
a) Cho Ku Rei
b) Sei He Ki
c) Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
d) Vajra
e) Om Ah Hung
7.  Healing Method
8. Distant Healing Method
9. Attunement Method
10. Shakyamuni Buddha Meditation

Included With Purchase: 1 distant attunement by chi ball call in method and e-manual sent electronically

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