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Master Celestial Goloka Healing, a digital e-manual: Healing blueprints, karma, people, planet and more


Included is the original ENGLISH TRANSLATION e-manual sent electronically by link

15 May 2017

Founder: Manuela Fasoli

About this system:

Manuela Fasoli writes in her e-manual that this is a totally different new energy that brings the highest and divine healing energy.This energy comes from Goloka,the Source,God and his paradise.  Manuela says that  with this energy, With this system you can use energy to help to heal yourself, help to heal others and the situations, this energy might help in changing even the blueprint and the karma of people and planet for the better. This system is just for lightworkers Manuela says you’ve to follow all the right steps sent from the source and the 7th dimension masters. This system has one symbol. Manuela Fasoli says, you can heal and help everything and everyone BUT you must follow exactly the procedure that you find in the manual, which is not difficult to do.

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