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Magickal Earth Armor, a digital e-manual by Hari Winarso: For peak health conditions and shifting pessimistic energies into optimistic vibes


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6 May 2018

Founder Hari Winarso

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Cosmic Goddess Empowerments dear friend Master Hari Winarso brought forth this modality, Magickal Earth Armor, to provide benefits for both the physical and energetic bodies.

• Physical Body: For physical body, Master Hari writes, Magickal Earth Armor infuses positive energy to strengthen your physical power, your body immunity and your stamina is powerfully transformed. The physical body can maintain the peak health condition and if there is any illness, Master Hari writes it accelerates the healing process from any illness. It also provides energetic protection from diseases, toxins, etc. CGE

• Energetic Bodies: For the energetic body, Master Hari writes Magickal Earth Armor infuses positive energy to your energetic body, and help you to clear negative emotions, transmute negativities into positivity, and pessimistic energies into optimistic vibes. Content protected and cut and paste web tracked by

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