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Cimaruta Defense Reiki, a digital e-manual: Rue Charm, Goddess Diana, Lunar Energy, Protection from the Evil Eye, Malicious Magic


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27 April 2018

Founder: Zabrina

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Italy’s Cimaruta (chee mah roo ta) is one of the most treasured of Italian amulets. Ruta is Italian for Rue, Cimaruta, in Italian, means “Sprig of Rue”. Cimaruta is used for the protection from the Evil Eye, Malicious Magic and Witchcraft. Cimaruta is said to be derived from the vecchia religione or the old religion and today’s Cimaruta’s are made of silver, connoting the goddess Diana and the Moon and are very protective of infants.


On the sprig assorted apotropaic charms are suspended. Apotropaic means to ward off and the purpose of these charms is to deflect the misfortune and deflect the evil eye.


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