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Ethereal Balm of Gilead Essence, a digital e-manual: Spiritual & Metaphysical Use, SOUL RESTORATION, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Release


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25 April 2018

Founder Rosemary Noel


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments, Rosemary Noel, channeled this energy originally for its anti-imflammatory benefits and is delighted to offer this amazing ethereal essence to her clients for its ethereal medicinal, metaphysical and spiritual benefits.

The Balm of Gilead has been enjoyed both as an extraordinary perfume and as a highly aromatic oil with both medicinal, spiritual & metaphysical usages. Its name is derived from the region of Gilead where it was produced during biblical times. It is said that said the Queen of Sheba presented its root as an offering to King Solomon.

Balm of Gilead Healing Properties, are analgesic, anti-inflammatory and  is said to be a pain killer.  Balm of Gilead Spiritual Properties work to mend a broken spirit and bring soul restoration. Metaphysically use for finding soul mate or tending to your broken heart.

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