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2018, Tenaga Murni Daya Malaikat , a digital e-manual by Hari Winarso: The True Power of Angelic Force, Remove conflict, keep harmony, be lucky & more


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18 April 2018

Founder Hari Winarso

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This is a Javanese Magickal System, reflecting the belief system of some of the Javanese and Master Hari Winarso, it is not for everyone.  Those who have purchased Javanese Magical systems in the past should enjoy working with this new system.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments dear friend Master Hari Winarso writes that his Tenaga Murni Daya Malaikat has a meaning of the pure power of angelic force. It is a powerful force that protects you and dissolves any forms of negativities, assists with natural disasters, accidents, diseases, any form of bad luck.

Master Hari says his Tenaga Murni Daya Malaikat is also helpful to remove negativities in your home environment and work place and then provides the positive energy for your home, workplace, etc. It assists you to resolve conflicts and keep harmony at the place.

Tenaga Murni Bala Malaikat makes you always surrounded and protected by a blessed energy, so you will live in harmony and be lucky and happy and successful. Content protected and cut and paste web tracked by

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