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Aggressive Aura Defense, digital e-manual by Ferry Handoko: Enhance your etheric defensive system, Have absolute psychic protection and dispelling fea


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12 April 2018

Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels 1


Cosmic Goddess Empowerment clients who love Ferry Handoko's systems, here is a new one.  Ferry writes that his Aggressive Aura Defense was channeled to reinforce the etheric body layers and enhance your etheric defensive system from all kinds of negative attacks or influences from outside. Aggressive Aura Defense will clean and stabilize the strength of your aura. Ferry writes that the cleansing effect is powerful at all levels to bring back your confidence and courage; it aligns the etheric body with the physical and revitalizing exchange of spiritual and physical energies within you. Ferry closes by stating, that the energy of Aggressive Aura Defense provides an absolute psychic protection and dispelling fear at the deepest level of the inner being.

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