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Psychic Forces Reiki, digital e-manual: Awaken hidden psychic powers, configure the Aura to a level of high astral light


Included is English translation e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder Ali Afnan

Symbol Yes


Master Ali Afnan writes that Psychic Forces Reiki is a system from the astrals, it is to help awaken our hidden Psychic powers. The Psychic Forces are hidden in different aspects around us and when the energies are activated for those aspects and start to work for us .  The Psychic Forces start to work with us in almost everything. This is an energy on which after you are attuned it becomes very easy to usej simply by activating the symbol, all aspects are joined together and work as a single force. The manuals continutes that Psychic Forces Reiki will reconfigure the Aura to a level of high astral light andi s purified back to its original state of perfection. Founder Master Ali says in his manual that his energy will expandthe Aura to 20 meters out so whoever will be in the field of ones Aura reach will automatically be given healing energies. 

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