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Astral Protection Shield, digital e-manual: 5 Highly Unique Empowerments to be placed around your Aura to shield and protect


Included is the English translation e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder Ali Afnan


The Astral Protection Shield e-manual it is written that laced around your Aura by 5 Empowerments. The purpose of that is 5 empowerments which will create special energies around your Aura.  The empowerments are:

  1. Energy Moderation Empowerment which comes from place in the Astral where everything is in perfect balance that’s why it can moderate any type of energy always.
  2. The Colors Shield  Empowerment is from the place in the Astral where every person there has a different colour and everything there is of 7 colors of the rainbow and in the center of that world there is a large pillar the top of which can’t be seen and it is of 7 Rainbow colors and is protecting all the people there from negativity. So this empowerment is using the energies of that pillar and putting a shield that filters the energies as all good or bad energies they have colors when they travel through space and when it is travelling through sometimes some gray color or energies aremixed with it but the energy of the pillar through this empowerment will separate that and make the color more vibrant.
  3. The Astral Auric Layer Empowerment places a special entity from the Astral in your Auric layer, which becomes part of the Aura and protects it when in activated form,from any negative energies and electromagnetic energies.
  4. White Light Mist Empowerment places a White Light Mist which is produced on a Mountain in Astral where a dragon lives and from its body and breath This White Light Mist is coming from and it is very much protective and does not allow any negative energies or negative beings to come near in any way.
  5. Astral Square Empowerment comes from a Astral Plane where everything is in square the people the buildings and everything and maybe because of that or some other reason the energies there are always so great and protective so this Empowerment places a square from there and it filters and also increase the energy coming in from outside like a magnifying glass when we let sunlight through it and focus at some point a paper it can burn it or leave a burn mark so this square is also of a special slass square.
All these Empowerments are combined into one.




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