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Earth Force Synchronization, Digital e-manual by Ferry Handoko: Scan Auras, Don?t Be Diverted from Goals, Stop Inner-Destruction, Enhance Perseverance


Includes the digital English translation e-manual sent electronically by link (English is not Ferry’s main language)

29 March 2018

Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels 1


Ferry writes his Ferry Handoko writes "Earth Force Synchronization brings clarity of spiritual vision and is helpful in developing your ability to scanning the aura of others. Ferry Handoko continues that this was channeled to assist as an excellent spiritual protective energy to keep you from getting carried away and being diverted from your goals. The energy of Earth Force Synchronization will guide you to neutralize the emotional chaos, help to avoid from inner-self destruction and encourage feelings of peace within. Earth Force Synchronization helps to remove the feeling of insecurity and apprehension in completing your responsibilities. It brings patience, strengthen the focus, concentration and enhances perseverance. Very helpful for those who are facing a really difficult work or for students at exam time to lift up their endurance in study".

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