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Gods Holy Multidimensional Gate Angels, 1-3 Master digital e-manual: Be protected by God and the Angels as you traverse the universes


Included is God’s Holy Multidimensional Gate Angels Master digital e-manual  in  English sent electronically by Link

10 March 2018

Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 3: 14 days between

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Cosmic Goddess Empowerments highly recommends this system for those wanting to venture into the multidimensional realms through stargate gates with the solid protection of God and the Holy Multidimensional Gate Angels. The many Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients who love Manuela Marques systems will not be disappointed as Manuela writes that the The Holy Multidimensional Gate Angels were directed by the throne room of God to come forth to help those whose origins are outside of our galaxy who need a visit back home, to return back home, or those who feel stuck in a dimension not able to advance, and will help those with the desire in amplifying and enhancing and boosting the existing multidimensional aspects in a gentle, safe and protected manner and much much more.

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