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Energetic Self Core Reinforcement, digital e-manual: Claircognizance & know if someone is trying to mislead you, has bad intention. easily know lies


Includes the digital English translation e-manual sent electronically by link (English is not Ferry’s main language)

10 March 2018

Founder Ferry Handoko

Levels 1


Ferry writes his Energetic Self Core Reinforcement was channeled to arouse the ability of claircognizance within you, to know if someone is trying to mislead you, has a bad intention and easily know when someone was presenting lies. The energy, Ferry says, will make you realize or get the sights straight about the truth, even without a logical basis. It strengthens your empathy to feel peaceful, cold, calm and vigilant simultaneously even in a crisis. It helps you to be able to use your intuition as a super sensitive energy filter to avoid or neutralize the negative energy of others or from a place, to keep you positive.

Energetic Self Core Reinforcement will balance your energy while managing the emotional turmoil within you. Meditation and all kinds of activities to cultivate or hone spiritual skills will run better than ever. This energy help to improve the ability to empathize for an easier reading/receive emotional or spiritual fluctuations of others and physical signals from others or from a place. It's a wonderful energy to guard you daily for a healthy and safe life.

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