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Shamanic Magick Dolls Creation Reiki, digital e-manual by Manuela Fasoli: Create shamanic dolls as healing tools for physical, clearing, karma


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9 March 2018

Founder Manuela Fasoli

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Usually when someone talk about magick dolls most of us remember and think of voodoo dolls and they associate these dolls to black magic or harming or evilness, but shamanic dolls are totally different!

A shamanic doll is a healing tool imbued with a strong shamanic spell to heal or help people. Sometimes a shaman doll is more powerful than the mesa itself because it’s tailored on person’s needs and problems. With this system you can create a shaman doll for many purposes: physical healing, emotional healing, clearing or cleansing person or places, money healing, love and relationship healing and karma healing. To create these dolls, you must follow the steps you ‘ll find in the manual and use the symbol.

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