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Guardian Angels Miracles, digital e-manual by Manuela Fasoli: Remove unworthiness , obtain heart desires, be inspired, have good wishes granted & more


Included is the original English translation digital e-manual sent electronically by link. English is not founders main language

2 March 2018

Founder Manuela Fasoli


Many people believe in guardian angels and Manuela Fasoli has friends who had the fortune who met the famous Saint Padre Pio from Petralcina. This saint priest believed much in guardian angels and used to say something like “If you need or want something, send me or send God, or your guardian angel! He’s here for this reason! Pray to your guardian angel, it’s the easiest way to obtain everything!”

Manuela Fasoli says Angels have always fascinated human beings, they are beings of light who are with us since the origin of the world and they’re here to help, guide and inspire us all but they’re even here to grant our good wishes.

Manuela Fasoli continues by writing that in this special time, the time called kaliyuga by the ancient Veda, they are powerful messengers of light and love and they are even more present because we need help to change, to evolve and to help planet. With this system, you’ll be helped to be fulfilled in your needs and wishes by your guardian angels because what prevented you from receiving is most likely believing we are not worthy of what you ask. This system helps us to eliminate the sense of unworthiness and inadequacy.

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