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God's Holy Manifestation Enhancement Angels, Self-Use digital e-manual by Manuela Marques: Conduits for streams of profound manifestation enhancement


12 February 2018

Founder Manuela Marques

Levels 2 - Wait between 8 days


The venerated Holy Manifestation Enhancement Angels The Holy Manifestation Enhancement Angels are devoted to you, as God’s ambassadors, to the deliberations when you are needing a manifestation boost for your manifestation deliberations.

The Holy Manifestation Enhancement Angels energy assists the existing manifestation work, facilitating the manifestations delivered direct by Source via the Angels. Energies channeled feel strong, laser strong, working through the crown chakra and then opens the central channel of the body while intentions for manifestation were dwelled within and are now opened as the conduits for streams of profound manifestation enhancement.

Included is the original self use pdf digital e-manual sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life method

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