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Golden Castle Synchronization, digital e-manual by Jalu Wasonoadi: POWER UP, move forward, be free from burden of regret & intuitively move forward


Included is the English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder: Jalu Wasonoadi

9 February 2018


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found this a powerful energy system from our dear friend, Jalu Wasonoadi. It is AMAZING, for anyone who needs to be free from regrets and who is ready POWER UP to MOVE FORWARD with something new!

Jalu Wasonoadi writes in his manual that Golden Castle Synchronization helps you to be free from the burden of thoughts and regrets which have resulted from the failure of something you strived for.  So many of Cosmic Goddess Empowerments say they have the burden but the burden is stronger for some and Cosmic Goddess Empowerments knows this energy by Jalu Wasonoadi will gently stimulates the growth of deep introspection and can assist intuitively so you may move forward and have courage and will to attempt something new.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments staff felt this energy in the heart area and Jalu says that Golden Castle Synchronization helps to open your heart and embodies your sense of thanksgiving and gratitude for what you have.  Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients know that  gratitude stimulates a positive action. Jalu Wasonoadi writes system releases the negativity of your earlier feelings that may have had a devastating effect. Golden Castle Synchronization grounds and brings wholeness and allows you to be yourself and move forward in power!

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