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Dragon Circle Energy Essence, digital e-mail by Ferry Handoko: Break SELF-LIMITATION, Don't be UNDER-ESTIMATED, Upgrade focus & true CAPABILITIES




Included is the translated English version of manual sent electronically by link



7 February 2018



Founder Ferry Handoko






Cosmic Goddess Empowerments friend, Ferry Handoko, says Dragon Circle Energy Essence was channeled to encourage your body and mind to break self-limitation. It will upgrade your focus and concentration and awaken the strongest bravery within you. It works very good to reinforce your will to win and accomplish every challenge that came from others that underestimating you. The energy of Dragon Circle Energy Essence will build a strong confidence to your own capabilities and no matter what, you will encouraged to always win the whole process and able to lead others in every important moment. Dragon Circle Energy Essence helps you to recognizing and understanding the noble and regal attitudes of others to you for a better assessment and perspective. The sharp energy of Dragon Circle Energy Essence will cut off your connection with the old bad trauma and remove all kinds of mental disorders to release your true capabilities; physically and spiritually.

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