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Karmic Masters Blessings, digital e-manual by Manuela Fasoli: Gently wash your karma & pay your debt in a gentle way, forgive bad actions and MORE!


Included is the original digital English translation e-manual sent electronically by link. Please note English IS NOT founders main language.

February 2018

Founder Manuela Fasoli


Manuela Fasoli writes that  Karmic Masters Blessings brings you the washing blessings of all the Karmic Masters and will help you to reduce the bad effects of your karma in a gentle way so you can learn your lessons and pay your debts without great suffering. These blessings will wash and forgive your sins, your bad actions, your karma for this life and even for past lives. As ancient wiseman said:With the Grace of the Divine by your side,all the karma becomes just a little funny game”.

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