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Essential Force of Lion, digital e-manual by Hari Winarso: INFLUENCE OTHERS, be respected, have LEADERSHIP power and MORE


Includes the digital English translation e-manual sent electronically by link

3 February 2018

Founder Hari Winarso


Essential Force of Lion was channeled by our dear friend Master Hari Winarso to strengthen your charisma power to the high level. Master Hari says, your eyes, your face, your gestures, and your voice will have a power to influence and placate the other. You will be respected and honored by others ... AND everything about you will inspire others. You will become a respected and valued leader whenever and wherever you are. Master Hari continues that this energy will awaken and strengthen your leadership power. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments loved that the energy is said by Hari to increase optimism and positive thinking, so one can be more believed by others, because as Hari writes, as a leader you will become a role model for your members. Content and picture protected and cut and paste web tracked by

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