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Priesthood of the White Ray, digital e-manual by Solina: Seraphis Bay, High Priest, Crystal Temple Lemurian Priests & Priestesses Reawakening


Included is 1 English translation digital e-manual sent electronically by link.  This is the first of the 2 part series

27 January 2018

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer)


This attunement is the first part of the system  The Second is the Lemuria Crystal Baptism.

The high priest of the great Crystal temple of Lemuria is now calling all the priests/priestesses of the White Ray which once served in the great Crystal temple. Many Light Beings await you.White Ray Priesthood is a High-Vibrational System of the New Age and The Priesthood of the White Ray.

Seraphis Bey, the High Priest of the White Ray of Lemuria, also named Agyptian, a great Ascended Master, an incarnated angel and teacher of the 4th Crystal White Ray is the one who guards the ascension flame. He welcomes you in the great Crystal Temple and perform sacred initiation to the Priesthood of the White Ray.

Your ancient knowledge from the times of Lemuria is now activated by initiation to the Priesthood of the White Ray. The gates of Lemuria will be opened. If you feel you were once in Lemuria as Priest or Priestess of the White Ray. Now it is time to be (re)awakened, for those, like you worked in the great Crystal Temple as Priests and Priestesses. Remember, if your soul allows, your divinity, remember what happened there. It will happen again without announcement.

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