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Pyramid of Infinity, digital e-manual by Solina: Melek Metatron, 999 Frequency, Open Stargate with this High Vibration Frequency Inauguraton


Included is 1 English translation digital e-manual sent electronically by link.  This is the first part of the series of 2.

27 January 2018

Founder: Lady Solina (Gaby Solina Grill Mitterhofer)

Prerequisite: None


This attunement is the first part of the system, part 2 is called the The Gates to Infinity

Acclimate to the frequency of 999 with Melek Metatron, Lord of the hosts, has decreed that all people with great awareness will be attuned by Kyramun, the guardian of the Pyramid of Infinity in Lemuri, his origin, his home is situated in the Pleaidian Star System. His frequency is that of blue light. He says, that  many of my brothers and sisters are nowadays on your wonderful and unique planet Earth in order to support people and Lady Gaia during the great eventsm if their soul has the intention to do so.

This inauguration is a very high-vibrational attunement. This inauguration happens in very high frequency. Having an anchored own frequency of 999 is a prerequisite as it requires a high level of awareness and information about the entire Universe will be released. It is an immersion into the infinity of all beings.

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