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Miracle Force Of The Phoenix, a digital e-manual: Expand range of your auric influence, cleanse etheric blockages, REVITALIZE, find Success, Influence


Included English translation e-manual sent electronically by link

27 December 2017

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments friend, Master Hari Winarso writes that his Miracle Force of The Phoenix was channeled to cleanse the auric field. Working with this energy Cosmic Goddess Empowerments staff found it helped in expanding the range of auric influence, cleansed etheric blockages and revitalized the energetic bodies quickly. CGE

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments looks forward to working with this energy futher as Master Hari Winaros says that this force assists you to overcome and release negative thinking, negative feeling, and other forms of negativities such as fear, anger, hate, anxiety, etc that have become blockages in your life progress. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments finds that then, this force can encourage one to attain success, assist to manifest desires and realize the fulfillment of your life-goals and aspirations. It helps make you always be accepted and respected in any kinds of social life level. Miracle Force Of The Phoenix says Master Hari Winarso, will always brings positivity and many benefits in all levels and sides of your life and we at Cosmic Goddess Empowerments can feel the positivity! . CGE listing is web tracked.

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