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Companion Angels Empowerment, Master & Practitioner e-manuals: Improve ability to work with your Guardian Solar Ange


Included is 1 Teacher/Master & 1 Practitioner English  e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder: Peggy Jentoff

Levels: 1 which include many Autonomous Attunements

Difficulty Level: Intermediate, ability to work independently with energy empowerments and attunements necessary


This workshop gives you information and energies for improving your ability to work with Your Companion / Solar Angel. This Angel is the most important of your spiritual guides. Your Solar Angel oversees your spiritual development. This workshop has attunements or Empowerments which help accelerate your ability to communicate with angels and also help us to become more clearly aware of the deeper aspects of spiritual reality and love.

Workshops are not essential to working with angels but angel workshops and books can provide valuable information and energies for your continuing personal development. Working consciously with your Companion Angel can be a profoundly transforming experience. If you would like to know if taking this workshop is appropriate for you and in accord with your highest good ask your high self to allow you to receive a sample of the energies from this workshop. This workshop also includes empowerments to run healing shakti hands on and remotely for self and others.


 1. The nature and purpose of Angels

 2. About Your Personal Companion angel

 3. Attunement to facilitate communication both ways

 4. Attunement for increasing sensitivity to Angelic energies

 5. Techniques and information about communicating with your angel

 6. Initiation for increasing your ability to accept unconditional love

 7. Attunement and introduction from your Personal companion Angel

 8. Experiencing Angelic Love

 9. How to ask for guidance from your angel working out a system of signals

10. Attunement to assist you in Holding and channeling Angelic energies

11. Practice sending energies to yourself and others

12. Dream attunement to facilitate receiving information while sleeping

13. Chakra and energy body harmonization

14. Causal body harmonization

15. Harmonizing spirit mind and body

16. About Angelic Protection

17. Angelic protection attunement

18. Forgiveness attunement and procedure

19. Attunement to facilitate meditation

20. Angel meditations including

Angelic sphere

Diamond heart

A walk with your angel.

21. Spiritual love and physical love harmonization, (for adults only)

22. Attunement for basic tune up procedure

23. Angelic healing

24. Working with the angels of love and light for healing oneself others and the Earth

25. Angel light shakti 

26. Angels touch shakti (Love Godness)

27. Personalized Transmission from your Solar Angel

In closing:

We all have a personal angel who oversees our spiritual evolution. This is an angel that has been called a Guardian Angel. The term Solar Angel more accurately describes the angel's energy and scope of functions and de-emphasizes protection in favor of the angel’s primary purpose, which is to oversee and assist your personal and spiritual development. Your Solar Angel is the most important angel for you to connect with. You were matched with a specific angel in the first instant of your first incarnation as a separate entity. Your angel knows you absolutely, knows every thought and action and feeling you have ever had and your angel loves you completely, totally and always.

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