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Breaking Up Dense Energies Lightwork, an e-manual: Unable to Move Forward? Feel Weighted Down? Are you dealing with Heavy & Opressed Energies?


Includes digital English pdf e-manual sent electronically by link

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Levels 1

Symbol Yes

This system can be used to help with breaking up and removing negative energies associated with Mercury Retrograde running .December 3 - December 22, 2017 in fire-sign Sagittarius.

Feeling energetically heavy, oppressed, tense, unable to move, and weighed down?? Then this is the time for this energy because these are symptoms of dense energy that prevents joy and happiness from coming to you. The energies of this system work to connect you to higher, lighter energies and to creative source. Use the energies of this system to break up dense energy that keeps you bound and weighed down with depression and oppression.

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