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Magickal Mahasudarshan Essence, digital e-manual: Destroy Unhealthy Invaders to the Body, Eliminate Toxins, Liver Repair and Restoration & More


Includes English e-manual sent electronically by link

28 November 2017

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

Symbol No

Mudra or Mantra:No


Mahasudarshan is a complex formulation of an Ayurvedic herb. Magickal Mahasudarshan Essence is an magickal energetic essence that has the same benefits with the Mahasudarshan. It was channeled to optimize and boost your immune system. It will stimulate the system of body's natural defense against disease and destroy any unhealthy invaders to the body. Magickal Mahasudarshan Essence also enhances the elimination of toxins and effective to heal any infections in your body. Hari writes that Magickal Mahasudarshan Essence will stimulate the liver to repair itself and restoring its perfect function, so your liver enzymes will always be produced at the ideal optimal level to maintain your perfect health .Our copyrighted listing information is personalized, web tracked and protected. It is personalized, unique and copyright to

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