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Mystical Raja Rajeswari, digital e-manual: Awaken Kundalini, Higher Energy Levels, High Consciousness & Accelerated Spiritual Growth


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27 November 2017

Founder Hari Winarso

Levels 1

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Raja Rajeswari is the presiding deity of Sri Chakra, She is the Mother Of Love and Grace. All sentient and insentient being are linked to, and dependent upon her power for their existence.

Mystical Raja Rajeswari Initiation creates a strong connection with the higher frequency of Raja Rajeswari. This initiation will awaken the Kundalini energy and stimulates this ultimate energy to move up to the Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) in the top of head.

It will remove any blockages to revitalize the mind and restore the senses, accelerate your spiritual growth, and realize the unconditional love and divine wisdom. Mystical Raja Rajeswari Initiation will bring change in your consciousness, and will make you gain the highest consciousness.

It helps you to stay optimistic in your life, and ensures positive things to always come up to and toward your life. And then assists you to make changes in any sides of your life, you will have more healthier body and mind, love, peace, grace, and moving you towards spiritual enlightenment.

When you practice it consistently, you will also get experience greater sensitivity, higher energy levels, sometimes psychic abilities or deep knowing, and high level of charisma. Our copyrighted listing information is personalized, web tracked and protected. It is personalized, unique and copyright to

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