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Sathya Tumo 1-4, Includes 4 digital e-manual pdfs: Connect to the Mystic and esoteric energies of candali (sacred fire)


Includes digital e-manuals in English translation sent electronically by link

Pre-requiste Usui Reiki Mastership - You must be a Usui Master to take course.

Ankgurs (Levels) 4: Wait between levels are:

  • 1 - 2  Minimum 7 Days between levels
  • 2- 3  Minimum 21 Days between levels
  • 3 - 4  Minimum 14 Days between levels

Founder Master Dharmasatya Sarvayudhavisarada

Mantras: Yes, MANY - they are not in English language, there are no mp3's

Mudras: Yes, MANY

Practice: Daily Commitment

Level of Difficulty for this Course: Very High


Sathya Tummo is using a Mystic and Esoteric approach in the practice so thatt it is more to the use of energy patterns, mantra, mudra, and visualizaion instead of symbols.

  • Angkur 1: In this level Candali (tummo) sacred fire which is fire element inside human body will be activated from lower tantien. Energy path, especially Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala will be opened so that sathya tummo energy will flow through all major energy paths. This level consists of 9 energy paths.
  • Angkur 2: In this level, Candali sacred fire will be activated from middle tandien so it will be stronger - 108 times stronger. Water element will also be activated. This level consists of 5 standard energy patterns, 2 additional energy patterns to strengthen intuition and to form protection shield, and mantras.
  • Angkur 3: Master Level - In this level the sacred fire will be activated from upper tandien so that it will be 1000 times stronger. Wind element will also be activated. This level consists of 3 additional energy patterns to cleanse neg. energy patterns in body layers, diseases because of karma, trauma, etc., to solve problems and etheric weapon to destroy negative energy, disease and negative entities. Because it also includes mantras wthis level will be given selectively.
  • Angkur 4: Vajra Master - In this level the sacred fire will be activated from lower, middle and upper tandien concurrently so it becomes thousands of times stronger. The Ether element is now brought in and this level contains 6 negative energy patterns and 2 energy patterns to overcome negativte energy patterns and also to protect. Baglamukhi and Mahkali body protector will be strengthened into Vajra Baglamukhi and Vajra Mahkali by dissolving 5 elements together with your spiritual consciousness. Here you may now pass ankurs of Sathya Tummo to others.

To pass attunements to others you much have a Sathya Tumo Master Name given by Founder. The cost of this is USD 25. Contact after your angkur 4 for details

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