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9 Sacred Frequencies Series, digital e-manual: Functions include - Energy Healer, Re-Connect, Spiritual Connection, Spiritual Awakening & 5 more


Includes the 1 digital e-manual in English translation sent electronically by link. There are no mp3's

19 November 2017

Founder Argandini Titsari

Functions: 9

Prerequisite: Recommend Reiki 2 or higher


Master Argandini Titsari has been our friend here for over 10 years. We love and trust her energies and we were excited when we learned  that she channeled an energy system based on the solfeggio frequencies. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that this system captures the essence of these frequencies in energetic form.

Argandini writes these energies can assist to help you, your loved one and clients in healing process. She writes this powerful healing frequency is made in separate functions so you can use it according to your needs. Instructions are given for self but Reiki Masters know how to send energies for others without instruction, independently.

The 9 Sacred Frequencies Essence Series consists of:

  1. 174 Hz Pain Reducer Essence  CGE
  2. 285 Hz Energy Healer Essence
  3. 396 Hz Joyful Life Essence   CGE
  4. 417 Hz New Beginning Essence
  5. 528 Hz Transformation Essence   CGE
  6. 639 Hz Re-connect Essence
  7. 741 Hz Self Empowerment Essence   CGE
  8. 852 Hz Spiritual Connection Essence
  9. 963 Hz Spiritual Awakening Essence   CGE

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