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Mother Earth Love Vortex, digital e-manual by Jalu Wasonoadi: Synchronize with Mother Earth for Important Lessons, Self-Care, Loving Support and Prote


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6 November 2017

Founder Jalu Wasonoadi

Levels 1

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Mother Earth Love Vortex helps you in synchronizing with mother earth, you are assisted in the absorption of her energy and can intuitively learn from her. Her energy grounds, brings humility so you can look back to see the process and the important lessons that you've received on your life journey. This energy increases self-awareness and vigilance against all form of temptations. Mother Earth Love Vortex provides an energy source for self-care and helps you to stay alert to all challenges that are to come. Mother Earth Love Vortex assists you when you are in both a weakened and strong position. You are helped to receive an energy boost when you are weak and you are helped to be humble and alert when you are strong. It is a loving support and protection force. Our copyrighted listing e information is personalized and along with picture is web tracked and protected. It is personalized, unique and copyright to

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