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Wash Your Guilt Flush, digital e-manual: Spouse Trying to Make You Feel Guilty, Feeling Guilty About Something You Didn't Do? WASH the GUILT away!


Includes 1 digital e-manual English translation manual sent electronically by link. English is not founders main language

30 October 2017

Founder Manuela Fasoli

Levels 1


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients who feel guilty for thing you never really did  will benefit from working with this system.  Manuela Fasoli writes that if you think you must do something that makes you feel guilty about something you wish or think you must do.  Regardless Cosmic Goddess Empowernent clients who are not feeling happy because of guilt sensations will benefit from working with this system.  Manuela Fasoli wirte that many times this sensation has its origin in childhood. or in a rigid environment or even past lives.............this attunement will help you to wash away the guilt!  ESPECIALLY for guilts you did not commit!

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