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Magical Realms Reiki, digital e-manual by Manuela Fasoli: Open the portal to reach the magical realms, visit the fairylands and more!


Includes 1 brief digital e-manual English translation manual sent electronically by link. English is not founders main language

30 October 2017

Founder Manuela Fasoli

Levels 1


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients who love the energies of Manuela Fasoli's magical energies will love this system to open the portal to reach the magic beings needed for your healings, your personal needs or your spiritual growth. You can also be creative and use this energy for helping others in any method you currently use. Visit the fairylands, dragons, forest and wherever you want to. Connect with Lord Merlin, the fairies and many others in the magical realms..  Listing information and picture are copyright to  Internet tracked and protected.

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