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The Grand Crystal of Avalon Lightwork , digital e-manual: healing, protection, clearing, and empowerment, overcome obstacles & MORE!


Includes digital e-manual in English sent electronically by link

6 October 2017

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Symbol: Yes


The Grand Crystal of Avalon Lightwork connects you to the highest crystal of Avalon for healing and empowerment. It works with prismatic crystals and light to bring in high magickal energies of Avalon in combination with power of the rainbow crystals, and colors in of light expression. This system is brilliantly colorful in energies and of the highest power possible for crystals to work with humans. The etheric energies of the Grand Crystal of Avalon is both magickal and pure crystal energy. The energies can be used for healing, protection, clearing, and empowerment and bring a speedy transformation of healthy confidence, and abilities to overcome obstacles.

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